Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Toy Society Drop

On the 24th of March, my son had a Doctors appointment in Canberra, so that was decided to be the place of my first "" drop.

My son helped me with the drop, and the excitment, and joy in his eyes when we made the drop was wonderful.

The drop was made on the 24 March at 9am, in Wakefield Ave Park, Anislie, ACT.

I hope whoever found "Hoot" gets as much joy and love from him as we did making him & doing the drop.


  1. Allison I love hoots.What a wonderful idea.Barb

  2. Awww he is so cute! :D What a fantastic first drop! I love doing Toy Society drops - they are such fun!

  3. Hoot is great lucky someone .
    clares craftroom

  4. Hoot is too cute.

    I have 3 "toys" cut out now to do this but havent had time to sew them.

  5. I love your Hoots :) Who ever finds him will be very happy.

  6. I do hope someone has found him and loves him!