Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cottons all over the place

I was complaining to my husband that I had nowhere to store my DMC threads. So when he came back from town he had brought me a soft plastics fishing lure case. It works perfectly, they are all sorted into colour groups with a big pocket on the back to hold projects.

All we have to do at times is think outside the square, and goods thing happen.


  1. Alliso,
    What a lovely hubby you have.Isn't it nice when they do things like this with no prompting.Love the idea of thinking outside the square and using the fishing tackle bag as a dmc storer.10 out of 10 for a helpful hubby.Barb

  2. Great idea Allison , also a great idea to hang onto that hubby . LOL
    Clare's Craftroom

  3. thats a great idea, might have to steal it :P

  4. Really good idea Allison, but what will I do with all my sewing baskets? Hmm guess I could alsways find something to put in them.